We Care. We Can Help.We Care. We Can Help.

At the Pregnancy Care Center, clients receive support in a variety of ways from the moment that a new life is confirmed, through the pregnancy, until the the baby is one year old.

A new client establishes a trusting relationship with her client advocate, someone that's there to listen, love and support her and her baby. All the fear, loneliness, pain, doubt, and dreams are shared in that relationship along with hope, education, and truth of God's values.

Our Continuum of Care program for those facing an unexpected pregnancy provides long-lasting relationships, education and practical gifts of clothing, food, and furniture. This is how lives are changed and healthy, secure families are established.

Pregnant women who are 23 weeks or less are eligible to become a new client and receive our free and confidential services. We also provide emergency support for families in our communities.

Free and Confidential Services

  • Self-administered pregnancy tests
  • Clothing, food and furnishings (for mother and baby)

Mentoring & Education:

We Offer Referrals For The Following:

  • Adoption
  • Church
  • Social Services
  • Education Assistance
  • Housing
  • Legal
  • Medical/Ultrasound