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The Pregnancy Care Center is a non-profit ministry of Jesus Christ committed to saving lives physically, spiritually, and emotionally... one life at a time.

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Pregnancy Options Counseling

We have 30 years of experience peer-counseling women and men on all of their options concerning crisis pregnancy. The PCC provides our clients with truthful information on fetal development and pregnancy options.

Sexual Integrity Education for Youth and Parents

Most of the women and men that come to the PCC suffer from sexual brokenness. Our program topics cover: relationships, marriage, fertility, making good decisions, self-esteem, abstinence, boundaries and many more.

Post Abortion Counseling

Many women and men have been touched by abortion. Through ongoing education and individual/group discussion, women and men find freedom from the trauma of a past abortion.

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This ministry depends on the generosity and faithfulness of supporting churches and friends.

We want to thank everyone who generously gives of their time, talent and financial resources. Your gifts are a special blessing to the PCC.