Ways Churches Can Support The Pregnancy Care Center


Prayer is our biggest need and we can provide specific prayer needs on a regular basis to you either by mail, email or in groups.

Missions Support

Missions programs vary by church. Some give by monthly contributions, others give quarterly or one annual financial gift. We gratefully appreciate your financial support.

Refer Potential Clients

Someone you know or hear about is facing a crisis pregnancy or is suffering from a post abortion experience. We can help. Our services are confidential and free. Our post abortion program is a bible study (Forgiven & Set Free for women and Healing A Father's Heart for men). Our peer facilitators are women and men with special training to help others work through recovery. Placing posters and PCC brochures in your church generates awareness for the program.

Get Involved

There are many volunteer opportunities available. All skills are needed. Just give us a call. 978/373-5700

Baby Bottle Campaign

We provide special baby bottles that proclaim God's gift of children and bulletin inserts for your use. Families are asked to take the bottles home and collect change (cash or checks) for a period of about 3 weeks. Bottles are then returned to the church and we/PCC arrange pick up. Several regional churches, schools, religious education and youth groups have done our Baby Bottle Campaign: Respect Life Month (October), Advent Season, Sanctity of Human Life Week (January), Lent, and Mother's & Father's Day are all good times to offer this campaign.

Annual Fundraising Dinner

The annual fundraising dinner is a powerful night of prayer, testimony and worship. There is no cost to attend. The meal is underwritten by special donors but an appeal is given to raise monthly support or one-time gifts. Many churches fill a table...or two! We are currently recruiting table hosts.

Sponsor a Baby Shower or Giving Tree

Sponsor a baby shower or giving tree in your church or club. We can provide you with a current list of needed items for our material services (baby food, clothing, or other items). A variety of Women's & Men's Ministry Programs host special fundraising events for the PCC, we can provide a speaker if needed.

Sponsor the Maternity Boutique

The beauty and power of caring for a new mother... We believe God wants us to show love to others through words and actions. A truly powerful way of doing this is when a peer-counselor and her client step into out Maternity Boutique. There, the armor comes down, especially with clients who have very little trust in others. Self-worth is our basic human need and receiving beautiful gifts of maternity bra's and underwear, tops, pants, dresses, bathing suits, jewelry and lotions, nail polish helps a woman reconnect with her self-worth and the love of God.

Consider PCC a Resource

We are available to speak at your church or upcoming event. We have excellent speakers who can offer factual and relevant education on sexual integrity or other topics as requested.

Supporting Our Churches

Pregnancy Options Counseling

Send us your women and men in crisis.  We have 25 years of experience counseling women and men on all of their options concerning crisis pregnancy. The PCC provides our clients with truthful information on fetal development and pregnancy options.

Sexual Integrity Education for Youth and Parents

Sponsor workshops in your church.  Most of the women and men that come to the PCC suffer from sexual brokenness. Our program topics cover: relationships, marriage, fertility, making good decisions, self-esteem, abstinence, boundaries and many more.

Post Abortion Counseling

Host a PACE group in your church.  Many women and men in our churches have been touched by abortion. Through ongoing education and individual/group discussion women and men find freedom from the trauma of a past abortion.

Sanctity of Human Life (SOHL) Sunday and Pastor's Breakfast

The PCC provides speakers, bulletin inserts, videos of client testimonies and other information for churches on SOHL Sunday and throughout the month, helping to keep the pro-life cause in the spotlight. The Pastor's breakfast unites Pastor's from local communities in prayer for the pro-life cause and acts as a way for the PCC to provide them with current information.

Speakers, Testimonies

The PCC provides speakers, videos of client testimonies and other information on topics of pro-life, volunteerism, sexual integrity, recovery from post-abortion trauma and other issues.

Contact: Anne Magnus at 978-373-5718 or anne.magnus (at) pccnortheast.org for more information.