Today's teens live in a culture of sexual confusion that does not direct them toward healthy relationship choices. Many of them seek love in uncommitted sexual relationships that put them at risk for life altering events such as unmarried pregnancy, disease, emotional devastation and financial insecurity.

How do we as Christians help our children acquire skills to develop healthy relationships, build strong marriages and form stable families?

Teens at the Crossroads

Teens at the Crossroads is a relationship and marriage preparation curriculum developed by The Center for Relationship Education. This curriculum is designed to:

  • Arm teens with knowledge so they can make the right choices with strong character
  • Edify parents to be the 1st line of defense
  • Connect parents and kids through mutual experiences

As a multi-generational training program with fun interactive activities throughout, teens and parents (optional) in separate groups will learn:

  • About their identity in Christ
  • Friendship, dating and love
  • Communication: Creative problem solving, decision making, negotiation, and conflict resolution
  • Cultural Influences: media, drugs, alcohol, internet and texting safety
  • Differences between men and women
  • Consequences of teen sex
  • Partner selection strategies and marriage preparation

If you are interested in bringing this program to your church or school free of charge, please contact us at 978 373 5718.