God placed a call on our hearts – yours and mine - to join Him in planting a life-affirming ministry in the city of Lowell.  On Saturday, June 9th, close to 70 people came together to help celebrate our new Lowell Center.  We gave thanks to Godfor his many blessings and, after the breakfast program, guests toured the new center.

Fr. Clancy spoke about the importance of this mission of saving the unborn child and the need to lead more hearts and minds to Jesus Christ. His hope is that this mission will become important to the members of the River of Divine Mercy Collaborative and the Greater Lowell community.  As a young priest, Fr. Clancy had the opportunity to minister and provide help to pregnant women in need. During his years in Campus Ministry working with college students, he continued to promote life. We are very grateful to God for weaving together Fr. Clancy’s passion for pro-life and the PCC's desire to provide pro-life services to the Greater Lowell community.


One of our guests wrote us a note after the Open House saying, “Good things only happen when we are wide open to hear and be led by the Holy Spirit. The level of enthusiasm for the incredible Victorian house, furniture, clothing and baby items just showed the listening, the working and the faith of every, single step along the path.”


We would like to thank our Founding Partners and Benefactors; whose help gave us the push to begin this journey; as well as you, our partners, volunteers and many new church friends for support along the way. A special thanks to Fr. Richard Clancy, whose deep love for God and commitment to the pro-life cause provided us with a beautiful home for mothers and children to receive the help they need.


If you were not able to attend the open house and would like to come for a tour, volunteer or donate, please contact Alicia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..